Chadar Trek – Provide Great Adventure Experience To Trekkers in India

Chadar Trek

The chadar trek is one of the popular place and most of the people visit this place on the winter. It is perfect place to visit with your friend or family. The trail provides the great opportunity to explore the Zanskar culture that is lot of Indian and Tibetan cultures. The Chadar Trek provide the trekkers exhilaration sense and also give the best trekking experience to the individuals.

The Chadar Trek can spot exotic species like snow leopard, ibex, blue sheep and others are found in the surrounding of frozen. The trek is perfect way everyone to get relief from the bustle, tension, and hustle of the regular life. With the spell-binding panorama and chilling climate, the adventure enthusiasts can tread.

Tips to prepare for Chadar Trekking

If you are planning to visit the popular Trekking in India then you should plan properly. The trekking requires lot of courage for facing thrills and here you can get some useful tips to prepare for the Chadar trekking. These tips help you to prepare will for the Chadar trekking.

Your family members should know your trekking trip schedule. In case any emergency, your friend or family members can come for help.

Take the warn clothes to wear during the trekking

During the trail, there can be scarcity of water and food. You should keep the water with you on the trekking trip.

You should bring the first aid kit on the trip. The medicines are demanding in the trek and getting cuts is common on trek.

Destination covered in chadar trekking

The chadar trek is most popular adventure Trekking in India and the January to February is perfect time to visit the chadar trek.  The river rafting expedition is perfect destination to visit on the summer season. In chadar trek there is a wide range of the place covers such as Nerak, Lingshed, Tilat Sumdo, Tibb, Shinra koma and others.

The Tilat Sumdo act as the chadar trekking campsite and it provides the splendid vistas of the mountain range. Tibb is beautiful place that offers the cave, waterfall and others. The tibb cave is widely used for overnight stay by visitors. Lingshed is one of the villages that are located in Ladakh and its boasts inspiring the natural exquisitiness. It is famous for the oldest monasteries. This trekking trip provides the best adventure and thriller experience to the visitors.


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